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American University Bookstore Buyback

Last month San Francisco State University Bookstore launched an app to streamline their buyback process. A first in California, the buyback app allows SFSU students to scan the barcodes of used textbooks with their smartphone and instantly find out how much the bookstore will pay for their books.

american university bookstore buyback

The bookstore offers year round buy-back of textbooks from students. Peak times are during final exams where students can receive up to half back depending on the demand and value of the textbook. The buyback amount is never guaranteed since textbook buyback is based on demand (in store and nationwide). Instructor copies and international editions are not eligible for buyback.

Moreover, if you find such textbooks sold online or in a bookstore at a reasonable price, you can quickly buy them and resell when the timing is good to make that extra profit. If you see students queueing near a university bookstore in an attempt to sell their textbooks, propose to buy their books so that you can resell them online to BooksRun to make even more money. Use these tips for your money-making habits! 041b061a72


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