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Contra Rebirth Wii Iso Download

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Contra Rebirth Wii Iso Download

wow, a somewhat disapointing week for europe, oh well, that translator app sounds interesting, especially if you have to translate something, contra rebirth also looks interesting, hope well get it in north america soon

Well, Contra is great, but the lack of VC is kinda sad. If I had a DSi, I'd download that dictionary, you never know when you need to translate something from french, believe me, it has happened to me.

Surely they would have noticed that because of this Australia gets no Wii update this week. Maybe they could have pushed Pilotwings back a bit to fill in the gap. Wouldn't that have made more sense? Admittedly this has been a ridiculously good week for the Wii Shop despite that (Lost Winds Sequel and Bit Trip Void announced with trailers, Internet Channel update and becomes free) but would it have been that hard to have something for AU to download at all this week?

@Chibi Link: I think the games should remain attached to your account. I changed my Country once to UK, so I could download the english version of Actraiser and then changed back to Germany and everything remained downloadable.


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