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Book Of Psychology By Rakhshanda Shahnazl

Book Of Psychology By Rakhshanda Shahnazl: A Comprehensive Guide for BS Students

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. It is a fascinating and diverse field that covers topics such as perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, personality, social interaction, development, mental disorders, and more. Psychology can help us understand ourselves and others better, as well as improve our well-being and quality of life.

If you are a student of psychology, or interested in learning more about this subject, you may be looking for a reliable and comprehensive book that covers all the essential topics and concepts of psychology. One such book is An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1 by Rakhshanda Shahnazl, published by Caravan Book House. This book is designed for BS (4 years) students of psychology, and follows the syllabus of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

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What is An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1 by Rakhshanda Shahnazl?

An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1 by Rakhshanda Shahnazl is a book that provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the basic concepts and principles of psychology. The book covers the following topics:

  • The nature and scope of psychology

  • The history and schools of psychology

  • The methods of psychology

  • The biological basis of behavior

  • Sensation and perception

  • Learning and conditioning

  • Memory and forgetting

  • Thinking and problem-solving

  • Intelligence and creativity

  • Motivation and emotion

  • Personality theories and assessment

  • Stress and coping

  • Psychological disorders and therapies

  • Social psychology

  • Developmental psychology

The book is written in a clear and concise language, with examples, diagrams, tables, charts, summaries, review questions, and references to facilitate learning and understanding. The book also includes a glossary of key terms and an index for easy reference.

Who is Rakhshanda Shahnazl?

Rakhshanda Shahnazl is the author of An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1. She is an associate professor of psychology at Govt. College For Women, Madina Town, Faisalabad. She has a vast experience of teaching psychology at undergraduate and graduate levels. She has also authored several other books on psychology, such as An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 2, An Introduction to Educational Psychology, An Introduction to Experimental Psychology, An Introduction to Social Psychology, An Introduction to Developmental Psychology, An Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, An Introduction to Personality Psychology, An Introduction to Health Psychology, An Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology, An Introduction to Forensic Psychology, An Introduction to Environmental Psychology, An Introduction to Sports Psychology, An Introduction to Positive Psychology, and more.

Where can you buy An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1 by Rakhshanda Shahnazl?

If you are interested in buying An Approach to Psychology - Degree Classes Vol. 1 by Rakhshanda Shahnazl, you can order it online from various websites that offer books delivery in Pakistan. Some of these websites are:

  • [CBPBOOK]: This website offers an approach to psychology vol 1 by rakhshanda shahnazl caravan buy online with best lowest price in Pakistan with fast shipping in all major cites of Pakistan.

  • [LibraryThing]: This website is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. You can find out more about the book and read reviews from other readers.

  • [MBBS.ORG.PK]: This website offers caravan an approach to psychology for degree classes vol 1 bs 4 year by rakshanda shahnaz.

I hope this article has given you some useful information about the book of psychology by rakhshanda shahnazl. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading!


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