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Afx 1.10 Crack

AFX 1.10: A Powerful Tool for Editing FSX and Prepar3D Airports

If you are a flight simulator enthusiast, you might have wondered how to customize the airports in your virtual world. Maybe you want to add more runways, taxiways, parking spots, or navaids to your favorite airport. Or maybe you want to create a new airport from scratch. Whatever your goal is, you will need a tool that can help you edit the airport data in a user-friendly and accurate way.

One such tool is AFX (Airport Facilitator X), developed by Flight One Software. AFX is a standalone program that allows you to modify the airport data in FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X) and Prepar3D (a flight simulator platform developed by Lockheed Martin). AFX can also import and export airport data from and to BGL files, which are the native format for storing airport data in FSX and Prepar3D.

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With AFX, you can edit almost every aspect of an airport, such as:

  • Runways: You can add, modify, or remove runways, including their length, width, surface type, markings, lighting, and ILS (Instrument Landing System).

  • Taxiways: You can add, modify, or remove taxiways, including their width, surface type, lighting, and signs.

  • Paths: You can add, modify, or remove paths, which are the routes that ground vehicles follow on the airport.

  • Aprons: You can add, modify, or remove aprons, which are the areas where aircraft park and refuel.

  • Parking spots: You can add, modify, or remove parking spots, including their size, type, number, and airline code.

  • Navaids: You can add, modify, or remove navaids, such as VORs (VHF Omnidirectional Range), NDBs (Non-Directional Beacon), and waypoints.

  • Start locations: You can add, modify, or remove start locations, which are the positions where you can start your flight on the airport.

For FSX airports, AFX can also add some additional features, such as:

  • Fences: You can add fences around the airport perimeter or between different areas of the airport.

  • Moving jetways: You can add moving jetways that connect to the aircraft doors when they park at the gate.

  • Vehicle links: You can add vehicle links that allow ground vehicles to move between different parts of the airport.

AFX has a graphical user interface that lets you view and edit the airport data in a 2D or 3D mode. You can also use a map view that shows the airport layout on a satellite image or a vector map. AFX has a built-in validation feature that checks your airport data for errors and warnings. You can also preview your changes in FSX or Prepar3D before saving them.

The latest version of AFX is 1.10, which was released on March 22nd 2023. This version includes some bug fixes and improvements over the previous version 1.08. Some of the changes are:

  • Fixed an issue with saving apron edge lights.

  • Fixed an issue with importing BGL files with invalid runway end identifiers.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying taxiway signs in 3D mode.

  • Improved the accuracy of runway headings and coordinates.

  • Improved the performance of loading large airports.

If you have AFX version 1.08 installed on your computer, you can download and install the update to version 1.10 from Flight One Software's website. If you don't have AFX yet, you can purchase it from Flight One Software's online store for $29.95 USD. AFX is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and requires FSX or Prepar3D installed on your computer.

AFX is a powerful tool for editing FSX and Prepar3D airports. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize the airports in your virtual world according to your preferences and needs. Whether you want to enhance an existing airport or create a new one, AFX can help you achieve your goal. AFX is a must-have for any flight simulator enthusiast who wants to take their airport experience to the next level.


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