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Mircea Eliade Romanul Adolescentului Miop Pdf

Mircea Eliade Romanul Adolescentului Miop pdf

Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) was a Romanian historian of religions, philosopher, novelist, and essayist. He is best known for his works on the history and phenomenology of religion, such as The Sacred and the Profane, The Myth of the Eternal Return, and Patterns in Comparative Religion. He was also a prolific writer of fiction, especially of novels and short stories that explore the themes of spirituality, myth, and the human condition.

Mircea Eliade Romanul Adolescentului Miop pdf

One of his most famous novels is Romanul adolescentului miop (The Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent), which he wrote between 1925 and 1927, but published only in 1989, after his death. The novel is a semi-autobiographical account of his adolescence, focusing on his struggles with myopia, his passion for literature and science, his love affairs, and his conflicts with his family and society. The novel is written in the form of a diary, in which the protagonist, Mircea, records his thoughts and feelings about his life and his aspirations to become a writer.

The novel is considered a masterpiece of Romanian literature, as well as a valuable document of the cultural and intellectual life of Romania in the interwar period. It reveals Eliade's early influences, such as Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Proust, and Freud, as well as his interest in occultism, alchemy, and Eastern religions. The novel also reflects Eliade's personal experiences, such as his involvement in the Criterion literary circle, his friendship with Emil Cioran and Constantin Noica, his travels to Italy and India, and his affair with Nina Mareş.

The novel has been translated into several languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish, and Turkish. However, finding a pdf version of the novel online can be challenging, as most of the websites that offer it are either unreliable or illegal. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a printed or digital copy of the novel from a reputable source, such as [], [], or [](

If you are interested in reading more about Mircea Eliade and his works, you can also check out these resources:

  • [The Mircea Eliade Archive]( a website dedicated to preserving and promoting Eliade's legacy.

  • [The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society]( a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles on various aspects of religion and spirituality, including Eliade's contributions.

  • [The Journal of Religion]( a quarterly journal that covers topics in theology, religious ethics, and philosophy of religion, among others.

  • [The Journal of the American Academy of Religion]( a quarterly journal that publishes scholarly articles on all aspects of religion and religious studies.

I hope you enjoy reading Mircea Eliade Romanul Adolescentului Miop pdf and learning more about this fascinating author and his works.


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