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Heroes Lore 2: The Knight Of The Frozen Sea Review

Heroes Lore 2: The Knight Of The Frozen Sea is a mobile role-playing game developed by Hands-On Entertainment and published by EA Mobile. It is the sequel to Heroes Lore: Wind of Soltia, which was released in 2005. The game features beautiful graphics, an intriguing plot, different endings, and a wide range of skills and abilities for the player to customize their character.

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The game is set in the continent of La Tiria, where two kingdoms, Aden and Elmore, are locked in a bitter war. The player can choose to side with either kingdom, or remain neutral and explore the world on their own. The game has four main chapters, each with its own storyline and quests. The player can also encounter various sub-quests and hidden dungeons along the way.

The game's combat system is turn-based, with the player controlling up to three characters at a time. Each character has their own class, such as warrior, mage, archer, or healer, and can equip different weapons, armor, and accessories. The player can also use skills and items during battle, as well as summon powerful creatures called Spirits to aid them. The game has a difficulty level that adjusts according to the player's performance, making it suitable for both beginners and veterans.

The game's graphics are impressive for a mobile game, with detailed sprites, backgrounds, and animations. The game also has a rich soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the atmosphere and mood of the game. The game's interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a mini-map, a status bar, and a menu screen that can be accessed at any time.

The game's main drawback is its limited availability. The game was originally released in Korea in 2007, and was later localized into English and other languages in 2009. However, the game is only compatible with certain models of phones that support Java ME platform. The game is not available on any app store or online platform, and can only be downloaded from third-party websites . The game also has some bugs and glitches that may affect the gameplay.

Overall, Heroes Lore 2: The Knight Of The Frozen Sea is a great mobile RPG that offers hours of fun and entertainment for fans of the genre. It has a captivating story, engaging gameplay, and stunning graphics that make it stand out among other mobile games. It is a shame that the game is not widely accessible or supported by its developers, but it is still worth playing for those who can find it.


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