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One Piece (Dub) Episode 28

Due to inclement weather delays in the Dallas area, the following list of Winter 2023 season English dubs are delayed until the following dates. Stay tuned for any further updates on upcoming English dubbed episodes.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 28

Luckily, Crunchyroll has smartly positioned One Piece as a free entry point into the streaming service as the anime is not locked behind the premium paywall. Both free and premium users will have access to the episode at the prescribed times above. In fact, the entirety of the One Piece series is freely available on Crunchyroll at the time of this writing.

Although their fans didn't know it, the music The Beatles were making in 1969 turned out to be the last recordings they would ever make as a four-some. When John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr gathered in the studio the day after New Year's that year, the last chapter of their remarkable journey began with the sometimes contentious Get Back / Let It Be sessions. The band's business affairs began to unravel soon after and several members' minds started drifting toward getting off The Beatles' merry-go-round. Still they managed to pull off one final masterpiece, Abbey Road, before being photographed together for the last time in August and formally closing the book on the Beatles early in 1970. Award-winning producer Paul Ingles continues his documentation of The Beatles' story with The Last Year in the Life of The Beatles, a two-hour special that chronologically follows the band through 1969 as they record their final tracks, struggle with their company, squabble with each other, pursue other interests, and ultimately split apart. Listeners will hear behind the scenes studio chatter, rehearsal takes of songs, and finished classics, mixed with informed commentary from a host of music writers, musicians and fans. Clips from news events and other classic music from the tumultuous year that ended the 1960's will also be blended in. Commentators include writers Steve Turner, Anthony DeCurtis, Mikal Gilmore, Richie Unterberger, Greg Kot, and Ann Powers, and musicians Shawn Colvin, Richard Goldman, Jon Spurney, and David Gans.(Song List Will Be Posted Shortly) Ingles has produced programs spotlighting many Beatles albums as well as documentaries on Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Shawn Colvin and Bob Dylan. More information about his work is at

This is a brand new special produced June 3, 2008. To mark the passing of rock 'n' roll pioneer Bo Diddley, Paul Ingles hosts a music-intensive hour of cuts from Bo's songbook as well as songs from some of the many rock and pop stars who borrowed his famous beat. Along with many of Bo Diddley's signature tunes, Ingles showcases music from The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, George Thorogood, Shawn Colvin, Pete Townshend, Joe Jackson, U2 and others - all who crafted songs based on Bo Diddley's famous synchopated beat. This program can be run as 59:00 or at a newscast-friendly 54 minute length. Segment A and Segment B both end with 60 second Bo Diddley music beds that can be dumped to accomodate local announcements. If no announcements, the beds can bridge to the next segment. Also available as a bonus is a 6:30 musical montage that takes the listener from the clapping Bo Diddley beat through several songs that made use of his signature rhythm. Suggested copy for 6:30 feature: INTRO: Rock and Roll Pioneer Bo Diddley died Monday, June 3 of heart failure. He was 79. In the late 1950's and early 1960's, many of his hits were characterized by an infectious beat that had its roots in West Africa but was modernized and popularized in Bo Diddley's music. Scores of musicians emulated it through the years. Many wrote and performed tunes with the familiar rhythm promiinently heard. Producer Paul Ingles collected a bunch of them into this montage to honor Bo Diddley's on-going impact on rock and pop music. OUTRO: We heard the music of Bo Diddley, The Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Jackson, U2, Bow Wow Wow, George Michael and Shawn Colvin - all utilizing the famous Bo Diddley rhythmic beat. Bo Diddley died Monday, June 3 at the age of 79. SONG LIST for Feature: Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley Not Fade Away - Rolling Stones Magic Bus - Pete Townshend She's The One - Bruce Springsteen Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson Desire - U2 I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow Faith - George Michael Object of My Affection - Shawn Colvin (plays out piece)

DooTone RecordsMatt The Cat takes a look at another Black-owned, independent, LA-based record label that contributed greatly to the birth of Rock n' Roll and the popularity of R&B Vocal Groups during the 1950s. This week, the "Juke In The Back" puts Dootsie Williams' little label, DooTone Records into the spotlight for a solid hour of stunning Rhythm & Blues from the '40s and '50s. We'll dig on Dootsie's first label Blue Records, which was born out of the Musicians Union Strike of '48. Dootsie, a big band trumpeter had been in the business since 1930 and saw there was a profit to be made of lewd party records as well as Blues and R&B. He expanded his enterprise in 1951 by starting DooTone Records and began releasing records from LA's emerging vocal group scene. The Medallions, Don Julian & The Meadowlarks and DooTone's only huge national hit, The Penguins' "Earth Angel" were issued by the end of 1954. He continued into '55 and '56 with The Dootones, The Pipes, The Cuff-Links, The Calvanes and a slew of great Los Angeles R&B, before deciding that the independent record business wasn't going to get any better. This week, we take a snap-shot of a regional sound being discovered by a nation who's musical tastes were changing as young people were buying records and Rock n' Roll was emerging. It's a piece of history that sounds best when played on the "Juke In The Back."

Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac written by Patrick Fenton, is directed by award winning audio dramatist Sue Zizza, and takes place at the end of summer 1964. Based on a recording that was made in Kerouac's Northport, Long Island living room, as he and his mother, Memere, pack to leave for St. Petersburg, Florida - the place where he would finally end his many road journeys - this play blends the reality of that last night with other moments in Kerouac's life to create an image of an artist in transition. On this last night in New York, as Jack hosts a going away party for himself, he thinks back to the America he saw, riding alongside Neal Cassady, as they drove back and forth across the US. Throughout the beer-soaked night, Jack reflects back on fame, the fame he tried unsuccessfully to hide from in Northport, and a cultural shift taking place in America that has him worried that his time has come and gone. As the memories play through his mind, Jack also receives a series of soul-searching phone calls from his daughter, Jan, who is desperate to connect with the man she believes is her father. Scenes from Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac were recorded on location at Gunther's Tap Room in Northport, NY - one of Jack's favorite haunts - and features music by Composer David Amram, who scored the 1959 Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Neal Cassady film "Pull My Daisy". Narrated by Len Cariou, Jack's Last Call is an honest portrayal of, and an elegy to, the man who wrote On the Road, which helped to shape a generation and a nation. "Great writing, excellent audio mix and effects...a superb piece of work." Tom Lopez - ZBS Foundation. "This play shows Jack at a difficult time in his life, and it does it with a rare understanding of how he tried to deal with the dilemma of unwanted celebrity while finding a way to continue pursuing his goals as an author. Fenton has created a moving portrait of a unique artist, rather than another dreary "Beat" stereotype. Bravo!" David Amram, Composer.

Fifty years after the publication of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," the definitive novel of the Beat Generation still enthralls readers with its call to the road. Charles Sennott of The Boston Globe heard the invitation for the second time in his life, and took it. In this five-part series he retraces the path of "On the Road's" Sal Paradise across America. Arriving in San Francisco for the final part of our series, Sennott is unexpectedly introduced to Carolyn Cassady, an intimate of Kerouac, and the widow of Neal Cassady, upon whom the character Dean Moriarty was based. In a rare interview, Cassady, herself the model for the character Camille in "On the Road," offers revealing glimpses into Kerouac's life and work.Each segment is designed as a drop-in to NPR's Morning Edition segment E. Included here are scripts for suggested host intros and tags. The total duration of each piece with intro and tag is 7:15 and there is plenty of great music to fill under the rest of the segment.

This piece brings together a poem the late Jan Kerouac recorded late one night at WNYC in the mid-1980's - it's a response to the poem read by Jack from the WNYC archives recorded in 1959.Two rare pieces of tape that were made for each other.Produced for Hearing Voices, originally aired on Studio 360.

Charlie Sexton, son of the Austin music scene, learned how to play guitar in the shadow of some of the city's most beloved players and by age 13 he was considered a local prodigy. Soon he was making his major label debut and went from being a successful solo artist to one of Rock & Roll's most-wanted "Guns for hire" working with artists from David Bowie to Bob Dylan. He's recently re-joined Dylans' band, and continues to produce CDs for many artists. This short piece offers a glimpse into the extraordinary career of this Austin musician making a mark on the "world stage". Produced by the Texas Music Matters journalism unit at KUT Austin.

More than fifty years after the publication of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," the definitive novel of the Beat Generation still enthralls readers with its call to the road. In this five-part series Charles Sennott of The Boston Globe retraces the path of "On the Road's" Sal Paradise across America. Part one finds Sennott in Lowell, Massachusetts, which has come to hold Kerouac in the same high regard as the author had for the city of his birth. It is here in Lowell that Sennott hears the invitation fto the road for the second time in his life, and takes it. Each segment is designed as a drop-in to NPR's Morning Edition segment E. Included here are scripts for suggested host intros and tags. The total duration of each piece with intro and tag is 7:15 and there is plenty of great music to fill under the rest of the segment. 041b061a72


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