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Chandana Mendis Books Free Download

Chandana Mendis Books Free Download

Chandana Mendis is a popular Sri Lankan writer and translator who is best known for his Sherlock Holmes series in Sinhala. He has written and translated over 100 books, including novels, short stories, poetry, children's books, and educational books. He has won several awards for his literary work, such as the State Literary Award, the Godage Award, and the Swarna Pusthaka Award.

If you are a fan of Chandana Mendis and want to read his books for free, you are in luck. There are some websites that offer free downloads of his books in PDF format. Here are some of them:


  • : This is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, and more. You can find some of Chandana Mendis's Sherlock Holmes books here, such as සුනඛ ශපය සහ හඳම ෂර්ලක් හම්ස් කථ, මහ ර ආ මරය, and දියමන්ති ඔටුන්න. You can download them as PDF files or read them online.

  • : This is a social networking site for book lovers. You can find a list of all the books by Chandana Mendis here, along with their ratings and reviews. You can also join groups and discussions related to his books. Some of his books have links to download them as PDF files, such as ඉන්ද්රනීල මණික්ය, කළු ව්යඝ්රය, and පුද්ගලිකයි රහසිගත.

  • : This is an online bookstore that sells Sri Lankan books. You can find a collection of Chandana Mendis's books here, such as අන්තරය අඩවිය, මළ ගි ඇ ත ත ස ක ක ි ද ත ි , and ර ත ු ව ත හ ද න ක . You can buy them at discounted prices or download them as PDF files for free.

We hope you enjoy reading Chandana Mendis's books for free. Happy reading!


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