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Buy Candle Gift Sets

Whether they'd prefer candles housed in handblown, minimalist glass jars or whimsical ones in bright containers, there are candles that speak to all scents and styles. To help inspire your gifting, we rounded up 26 candle gift sets that work for everyone on your list, for every occasion.

buy candle gift sets


With three of Snif's bestselling candles and its corresponding mini samples, this gift set has over 200 hours of burn time. Start with the testers and if you aren't a fan within a week, send them back. Each candle in this set is non-toxic, paraffin-free, and 100% made in the USA. While all boast different scents, this set is filled with warm, light smells that will make any space feel a touch cozier.

With five travel-sized candles, this limited edition gift set is perfect for filling every corner of their space with Jo Malone's most iconic scents. It includes Pomegranate Noir, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Peony & Blush Suede, English Pear & Freesia, and Grapefruit, all wrapped in the brand's chic, minimalist packaging.

Maison Margiela's Replica candles take inspiration from the simple pleasures of life's everyday moments, like walking through the park on a spring day or lounging on the beach. This set features three mini candles: Soft and floral Lazy Sunday Morning, warm and spicy By the Fireplace, and a relaxing and clean Bubble Bath.

With a trio of delightfully sweet, floral aromas and beautiful pink packaging, this gift set from Voluspa is the perfect gift for your flower-obsessed friend. Pair it with a single rose or a floral bouquet to take this gift to the next level.

Capri Blue is the brand that's responsible for creating Anthropologie's signature scent. This set of votives is perfect for anyone who loves creating a moody space and having multiple candles lit at once. Choose from Fir & Firewood, Spiced Cider, or Pumpkin Clove scents.

With unique floral fragrances and gorgeous decorative floral packaging, opening this gift set is like unwrapping a garden. Each votive boasts a distinct colorway and scent profile, perfect for bringing the beauty of the outside into every corner of their space.

A stroll through the Tuileries, a beach day in Maui, and a stroll along Santorini's earthy shores may not be on the agenda, but this gift set from Brooklyn Candle is sure to transport them to the vacation destination of their dreams.

If a nighttime ritual is what they're after, this gift set is your go-to. The wild mint & eucalyptus and driftwood & chamomile combinations will help them slow down and relax before they turn in for the night.

Vegan, paraben-free, and made in the US, Le Labo candles are beloved for their aesthetic packaging and iconic fragrances. One full-sized candle goes for $82, so this set of three mini candles is the perfect way to explore some of the company's favorite scents before committing to one.

Homesick makes candles that are meant to elicit memories and feelings from the scents, whether from "New York City" or "Love Letters." For the hopeless romantic in your life, go for this duo that will give them the warm, fuzzy feels of opening love letters and date night kisses.

This gift set features five candles inspired by destinations worldwide: Adirondack Forest, Marrakech, Provence, Amalfi Coast, and Paris. It's a thoughtful gift for candle-lovers and jetsetters alike, and comes in beautiful floral packaging.

This sampling of Nest's lovely fragrances is an easy entryway into the brand's luxurious candles. With scents like effervescent grapefruit, spicy Moroccan amber, and zesty Amalfi lemon & mint, there's something for everyone in this set.

Diptyque has been making luxury perfumes since 1961. Today, the intoxicating scents and gorgeous jars can be found worldwide. This limited-edition trio of summery scents is the kind of candles they'll want to show off.

Anyone with a pulse on the latest trends will be elated to snag this set from Boy Smells. The brand has quickly become a favorite of candle-lovers with its unique scent combinations, chic and fun branding, and gender-inclusive mission. This quartet of minis hits on all of those criteria.

With surreal scents and whimsical packaging, Otherland candles infuse any space with a touch of fantasy. We love their custom gift set option: You'll get to choose any three candles from the site, pick out a cute matchbox, and write a personalized message.

Harlem Candle Company makes luxury home fragrances inspired by the people, places, and rich history of Harlem. Housed in gorgeous ceramic vessels, these high-quality candles take inspiration from James Baldwin and his works, Billie Holiday singing the blues, and the nightlife that defined the Harlem Renaissance.

Hand-poured in small batches, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free, Ani & Co. candles are great for anyone who values filling their space with clean, natural ingredients. This trio bundle can be customized with any three scents from the brand. Don't know where to start? They recommend choosing their three bestsellers (Homme, Passion Grapefruit, and Cedarwood) for the perfect mix of fresh, fruity, and woodsy scents.

If they just moved, treat them to this luxurious set of Lafco products to help them get settled into their new space in style. It includes two candles, two diffusers, liquid soap, bar soap, hand cream, and a decorative ceramic tray.

Bath & Body Works is known for serving up a wide variety of fun fragrances in all forms, from hand sanitizers to candles. This Pumpkin Apple duo includes a candle and foaming hand soap inspired by two of fall's most celebrated scents.

Gift messages can be included with an order once an item is placed in the cart for no additonal cost. The gift message appears on the packing slip which does not including pricing information. While packing slips include the billing address name, we highly encourage our customers to sign their gift messages with their name.

Gift wrap is available on single candles as well as gift sets. Gift wrap on single candles is a cotton drawstring bag with gold dots for an additional $5. Gift sets are wrapped in wrapping paper with ribbon for an additional $10.

Refer to our FAQ page for full candle saftey, care, and cleaning instructions. To preserve the quality of your candle and extend its burn time, we recommend our Gold Candle Accessories Set which includes a wick trimmer & snuffer.

Pairing beautiful scents with scripted stories, we hand pour natural 100 % soy wax to create one-of-a-kind candles designed to personalize and connect. A portion of proceeds from each candle is donated to charities that provide for and preserve what we love.

There are a few considerations when picking out the perfect candle set. Candle connoisseurs may prefer soy wax options that burn longer and give off more fragrance than the traditional beeswax choices. However, those that prefer a more natural candle may better enjoy a beeswax base that burns for longer and drips less than paraffin all while emitting a more ambient light. 041b061a72


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