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Double Gay Fucking

Despite being exhausted, Harrison manages to have enough energy to throat fuck Jack. Dillon hears from an old friend. Aidan finally tells Jack about his love for him. He and Harrison double penetrate Jack. Harrison makes his biggest move yet in this final chapter of this story.

double gay fucking

I was shocked because I'd never had nor even thought about another man touching me before. But seeing Barbara getting double teamed by those two hunks had my mind spinning. Without thinking I looked at him and nodded.

"Shit, someone start fucking me, please," I moaned. Ray pushed me off of him, crawled between my legs as he pulled my ankles onto his shoulder, and pushed himself back into me in one stroke. Despite the raw violence of the way he entered me again, there was no problems taking him. My ass was stretched enough and I desperately wanted a cock back inside me. Ray started pounding me hard and fast.

I would to experience two cocks up my ass as I love stretching my asshole using two dildos. I can now take up to 65mm diameter dildos but can't go any bigger so I can take a fist. Used to fuck my ass since I was in mid teens and it has been abused over the years but still is tight. Used to take it up my ass with an older man when I was in my twenties (pre aids) and he used to come up my ass every time as my young neat ass was a big turn on for him. I loved sitting on his cock but he often used to tell me to lie face down and spread my ass cheeks open so he could lick my asshole before fucking me. My wife dildos my ass when I wank and I would love her to fuck my ass with strap on but cant pluck up courage to ask.

Now that I've caught my breathe, I can say that this is a totally fucking HOT! story! WOW!!! I crave having 2 massive cocks up my faggot shelleyness! I esp. love it when they get ROUGH! pull my hair! as they fuck my shelleyness. Love it as they're verbally trashing! humiliating me with every name and crass insult in the book! They know I love it! I LOVE! the faggot ANAL PAIN! of DOUBLE COCK VIOLATION of my petite faggot shelleyness....mmmm....

Lying down on top of him, his cock just emptied into me, I felt another position itself. No, no way, as I tried to move but I was held, relax, let it happen as I felt the pressure and the head of his cock entered me, I was well lubed and already had a warm load in me as he slid in next to the other cock. I was absolutely filled but they managed to start moving until the guy on the bottom said hes going to cum, feel it and they both stayed deep inside me as I again felt the warmth of a mans cum enter me. This caused pressure on my gland and I couldn't help it as my cum shot onto the guys stomach,squeezing their cocks. after the first time, I am up for a double with all but the thickest cocks.

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