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Green Day - When I Come Around [Official Music Video]

"When I Come Around" is about taking it slow in a relationship. The narrator feels they don't need to spend everyday together, he'll just "come around" when he feels like it. He has his doubts about the relationship and thus he doesn't want to go too fast and force things. He wants to take it step by step and only go further when it feels right ("You can't go forcing something if it's just not right"). His girlfriend wants to be more serious in their relationship, but he's still on the prowl for other sexual partners. But when he's done prowling, his thoughts always end up with his girlfriend ("No time to search the world around / 'Cause you know where I'll be found").

Green Day - When I Come Around [Official Music Video]

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Another view on this song is about long-distance relationships. Billie Joe Armstrong met his would-be wife Adrienne while on tour, but she lived far away from him. Therefore it was very hard to maintain a proper relationship. But when he does come around, he'll make up for lost time. "Out on the prowl" could mean that he's touring all over the country, not being able to have a serious relationship while his girl wants exactly that. Life as a touring rock-star isn't easy for relationships on either end.

This Warning track paints a black-and-white picture with its music video as Armstrong finds his way through unwanted machinery. The frontman wonders around until he meets up with the rest of his band, where the trio can then be seen performing.

In this song the narrator is telling his partner not to force it. He's talking about their relationship, pointing out that it's not always been going great and now it's at some turning point when they might actually break up. He admits that he's been indecisive and reluctant ("I'm a loser and a user"), and tells his partner that they can just go ahead and leave him ("So, go do what you like"), yet he expresses his belief that they won't find someone else just because they're too tired of waiting for him to make the decision, because "you can't go forcing something if it's just not right". The actual meaning of the song is said in the chorus - after all the irritation and sarcasm in his words about this relationship, the narrator says that no matter what they'll still be together and all his partner really needs to do is wait a little while till he comes around. "No time to search the world around" - he's right here, just not quite ready for the next step yet, but he will be.

This song doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. I think it's about this guy and this girl who both like each other but they aren't together. The girl wants to be with the guy, and although he wants to be with her, he enjoys being single much more than he wants to be with the girl at the time. (You've been searching for that someone,and it's me out on the prowl)He knows that he would like to be with her one day but for now he just wants to relax and enjoy his life as it is. (I'm just roaming for the momentSleazin' my back yard)He's telling her that she doesn't have to search for another guy because when he's ready he'll be right there ready to be with her. ( No time to search the world aroundCause you know where I'll be foundWhen I come around)

In a literal sense, this song represents the period of time right after Billie Joe broke up with his girlfriend (whom he later married). She's searching for someone else to replace him, but in the end, he's the only one she's truly got. He explains to her that she has no reason to cry over him even though it hasn't been going great and he's been wandering about.He acknowledges the fact that he's been indecisive ("I'm a loser and a user"), and that ultimately the decision to leave lies with her, but he's telling her to be careful, because she can't go around trying to force what they had on someone else ("You can't go forcing something if it's just not right"). In the end, though, his message is in the chorus and it's simple; she doesn't have to look far because she has him, she just has to wait for him to be ready for that next step in their relationship ("when I come around").

I agree with a bit of what the earlier poster said. The song seems to be about the main character not being ready to change his life or his "prowlin" ways. The girl has been contemplating a break-up but apparently has self-doubts over whether or not she can survive without this guy, whether or not she NEEDS him in her life. The guy is basically telling her to give it a shot, maybe she'll find out that the doubts were false and the relationship and he never meant as much to her as she thought they did.The narrator/guy keeps true to his credo, though, throughout the song. It doesn't matter where he is, where he'll be found, who wants him. The only time he truly will be able to be "found," and not in a geographical sense, but a spiritual/emotional sense, is when he himself decides to come around. Until then, you just can't force the relationship if it just doesn't feel right to someone.

To me it's about a guy who loves a girl but cant be bothered with the baggage, shes searching for some ideal scenario but he knows it doesnt exist so while she is searching he is just waiting and deciding if she is worth the hassle, cos you know where I'll be found, when I come around i think means hes not mentally checked out, just thinking about it and she knows exactly where he will be because he likes a simple, no fuss life

Wow, I never really thought about the meaning to this song. I just took it how I thought it meant. It could possibly be about a guy who uses a girl, and she crying and whining, because she wants him, but he only comes around when he wants to... Reread the lyrics, I think that fits. :)

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