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Contemporary Kitchen By SIMSBYLINEA At TSR ((HOT))

Dream your life away in this bedroom that is the perfect mix of stylish penthouse and cozy contemporary safe space. The wallpaper lets you escape to different worlds, and the bed will never make you want to leave this room ever again! This room fits into the Landgraab IX in the Landgraab Apartments building in San Myshuno, on the second level. Room size: 6x7Wall height: highValue: 18918Type: Bedroom

Contemporary Kitchen by SIMSBYLINEA at TSR


Feel right at home in this contemporary and warm vacation lodge! Whether you use it as your permanent residence or a rental home on your luxurious family trip, this house has enough space to fit your entire family and your guests. Every room has a beautiful and unique view and the learge common areas are perfect for cozy family evenings. This house is not furnished.Lot size: 40x30I recommend placing this build in Granite Falls.Edit: I reuploaded the house on Dec 28 because of missing stairs leading to the office space on the first floor. Please excuse the inconvenience.THIS BUILD DOES NOT CONTAIN CUSTOM CONTENT.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that this is my absolute favorite house of all time. I think there's a stair missing in the ramp connecting the fireplace and the kitchen, so the Sims won't be able to access that part of the house without it. I put it and issue solved

The suburbs don't have to be plain and dull - your perfect family home can be stylish and functional at the same time! This modern bungalow offers enough space for a family of three or four sims, with lovingly decorated bedrooms and a contemporary style in every room. The spacious backyard with a pool and a green house take your family life outside to build some skills and have some parties too! Lot size: 40x30I recommend placing this build in Newcrest.THIS BUILD DOES NOT CONTAIN CUSTOM CONTENT.

With this exclusive and modern home between tropical trees and only a few steps away from the ocean, you don't have to choose between adventure and the comfort of modern architecture. Due to its unusual and open structure, this home does not disturb the nature like other modern buildings would, but offers a luxurious way to embrace a tropical and eco-friendly lifestyle. The home offers three bedroom suites in separate buildings which are connected through balconies and stairs. In the main building, a beautiful kitchen and living area are situated, and balconies offer some outdoor living and gardening space all around the estate.Lot size: 40x30I recommend placing this build on the lot Journey's End in Sulani.Custom Content:"Altara Build Set" by NynaeveDesign on TSR.Download it here:

This open-plan living space is perfect for sim families that want easy access to all the amenities of the home. The kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms are conveniently located on this floor, while a studio could be used as an office, guest room, or even both! 041b061a72


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